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Best Volunteering Ideas to Make This World Food Day More Meaningful.

The World Food Day is an event of global scale that is celebrated annually on the 16th of October. Organisations around the world participate by raising awareness about issues concerning food security and agriculture and by creating initiatives to resolve the same. Here are some great volunteering ideas for World Food Day Read More

Best Ways to Celebrate International Literacy Day Through Volunteering

International Literacy Day is an annual global event that focuses on the literacy challenges faced by different parts of the world. On this day, those who have dedicated commendable effort to the improvement of the world literacy rates are honored in an award ceremony, and the existing literacy issues are discussed Read More

International Day Of Charity: How You Can Contribute With Your Actions

The International Day of Charity is celebrated annually on the 5th of September, the death anniversary of Mother Teresa, to create a common and global platform for all charity related activities conducted by individuals and organizations. Recognized by the United Nations as a day to promote and spread awareness Read More