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Best Places to Volunteer in India

The Ideal Place to Volunteer – Can we find it?

Hard work is painful when we are empty and without purpose. But when we start to live for something greater than ourselves and the gratification of our own ego, then hard work and discipline becomes the toil of love. Why do we need to glamorize our lives so much? Do we see it as a way to inflect immortality? Read More

Volunteering Ideas To Celebrate World Public Service Day

In a world of more than 7 billion people, public service plays a major role in improving the lives of the diverse sections of the population. This is why the United Nations celebrates the 23rd of June as World Public Service Day, to honor the men and women who have devoted all their energy to improving the quality Read More

The Best Ways to Contribute to the Society by Volunteering

Volunteering is not just the mere act of devoting some time to a social cause; it is a life-changing experience that will alter the way you look at the world. Witnessing the lives of the less fortunate individuals and understanding their suffering will transform your personality. You will develop empathy for humans from Read More