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Best Volunteering Ideas in Maharashtra

The Best Ways to Contribute to the Society by Volunteering

Volunteering is not just the mere act of devoting some time to a social cause; it is a life-changing experience that will alter the way you look at the world. Witnessing the lives of the less fortunate individuals and understanding their suffering will transform your personality. You will develop empathy for humans from Read More

Prayas: How The Efforts of A Valiant Lady Motivated 5000 Underprivileged Children to Dream Big & Aspire for Better Things in Life!

Every day when you step out of your home, how many needy children do we come across? Some do not have proper clothes, others lack parental care, and some are unfortunately handicapped, while others have never stepped inside a school – ever. Many of those grubby faces we see on traffic lights selling knickknacks Read More

Easy Ways to Help Street Children to Have a Better Future..! (without Giving Money)

How do you feel when you meet an orphan or a needy child begging for help from strangers on the streets? Kindness and compassion fills your heart I can imagine. Have you contributed in any way to help these underprivileged meet their everyday needs and fulfill their God-given gifts and talents? Other than giving money, Read More