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Climate Change

Research Shows Underdog Grasslands Ecosystem Supports Climate Change Solutions

As is the case with everything else in life, it is important to pay attention to even minor things related to grasslands. Recent studies show that grasslands, considered to be an insignificant ecosystem, does have some influence on climate change solutions. As such, grassland ecosystem conservation deserves to be given its share of importance. Read More

Land Management in Bringing Positive Climate Change

We are already in the midst of climate change here on our planet. However, it has been observed that the different ways in which land is being used for agriculture, forestry, etc., contribute to a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world today. Employment of appropriate land management strategies is the key to reverse this. It is all about managing forest, farms, and coastlines as solutions for climate change.

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The Effects of Climate Change

What is Climate Change?

Climate change, also known as global warming, indicates the rise of the average temperature of the Earth. This process can occur due to humans using of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. The gases are all trapped in the atmosphere/ozone layer which builds up heat Read More