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Food Diversity To Your Daily Platter

How To Add Food Diversity To Your Daily Platter

Eating a large variety of foods not only helps in providing balanced nutrition to the body but also helps with the preservation of crop diversity on the planet.

Food diversity conservation is something we can all contribute towards easily by simply trying to eat more diversely.

Here are some of the simple ways in which you can introduce food diversity on your plate so as to protect the different species of crops from extinction.


1.Support Local Farmers

Locally produced, seasonal fruits and vegetables tend to be the most nutritious and free of chemical preservatives. Buying locally helps in supporting local businesses and also encourages the farmers to continue growing indigenous crops that may otherwise face extinction due to the increasing popularity of foreign crops.


2.Challenge Friends 

Creating balanced meals can be a tiring job but it can be converted into something fun by making a game out of it. Create a challenge with your friends where the one who whips up the most diverse meal wins. You can share the images of your daily meals on a social media group to decide the winner of the challenge.


3.Swap Ingredients

Due to our hectic lifestyle, we usually stick to the recipes and ingredients that we are familiar with and do not try out something exotic on most occasions. A great way to incorporate diverse food items in your meal is to swap ingredients with your neighbors or friends. Cook with whatever is present in their pantry and refrigerator one day and you will definitely end up creating something different and nutritious.


4.Meal Plans

It can be difficult to come up with a new set of dishes every day so plan in advance for all the meals of the coming week during the weekend so that you can shop for all the required ingredients beforehand. Try to include food items of different colors in every meal because each color is usually associated with a unique set of nutrients. Make an effort to make each plate of food as colorful as possible, this will not only make the food more inviting but healthier too!


5.Cooking Classes

Attend cooking classes to learn new recipes to bring some variety and diversity to your daily meals. You can sign up for these classes along with a friend to make it a more enjoyable activity. You can even host a dinner party once you are done with your classes so that you and your friends can taste some new dishes together. Exchanging some new recipes at dinners and potlucks is the best way to expand your menu and to explore more diverse food groups.


6.Ethnic Markets

Venture into ethnic markets to discover new ingredients and exotic spices. You can chat with the sellers to find out how to use these ingredients in cooking and can, therefore, introduce the same in your meal plans. Trying out recipes from different cultures and various parts of the world will make sure that your meals are never boring and that you are consuming diverse food groups.


These are some of the ways to eat more diverse foods so as to support food diversity conservation as well as to improve your own health.

Creating colorful meal plans with a wide variety of recipes can ensure that everyone in the family enjoys the meals, be it the fussy eaters or the health enthusiasts. So incorporate these simple tips into your lifestyle to make meal planning a hassle-free job and to explore new flavors, recipes, and nutrients. Your body will thank you and so will planet Earth.