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Solutions for air pollution

Environment-Friendly Methods to Reduce Air Pollution

Fresh air always does the body a lot of good. In fact, anyone is happier when they are outdoors than when they are indoors.


There are many benefits of getting fresh air, but above all, it can help to boost an individual’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Some of the specific benefits that fresh air can give us are it helps to boost the body’s immune system, it helps to decrease stress, it makes one happy, it makes the body more energized, it cleans the lungs and sharpens the mind.


Do we need any more reason than this? In the light of what has been just said, there is an urgent need for everyone to act collectively to reduce the alarming levels of air pollution that is all-pervading and affecting our the quality of our lives negatively. We have attempted in this article to make clear some environmentally friendly habits, in fact,

some easy inexpensive ways that people can adapt to make way for cleaner air to breathe and enjoy.


Easy Methods to Reduce Air Pollution


1: Use public transport


Use public modes of transport and carpools when there is more than one person wanting to move out of the same locality. Both these methods are way cheaper than traveling in one’s own car and save tremendously on energy costs and contribute to a reduction of exhaust and air pollution.


2: Save electricity whenever possible


In most cases, electricity is produced by the burning of fossil fuels. This practice releases large amounts of exhaust gases that add to the dangerous levels of air pollution that is already destroying human lives. Therefore, as a rule, make it a practice to switch off any burning light or moving fan as you move away from a room.


3: Control waste: reduce, reuse, and recycle


Do not throw away all that you do not use now. It is easy to throw stuff, but remember that any object that ends up in a landfill contributes to the generation of more methane and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and its harmful effects. Put every unwanted or old object to new use. Make seats out of used tires and chairs with old bathtubs.


4: Explore alternate energy sources


Alternate clean sources of energy that are much in vogue today are wind, geothermal, solar, etc. Governments of countries are offering various sops for those that are ready to install solar power plants in their homes. This will serve to reduce air pollution to a considerable extent.


5: Use devices with high energy ratings, energy efficient devices


Use CFL, and now, LED lamps, instead of fluorescent or filament lamps. They last longer and consume less energy. Use electric devices with a ‘five-star’ energy rating. These are the more energy efficient devices. By consuming less energy they contribute to the reduction of air pollution.


If a large number of people adopt environmental friendly ways to reduce air pollution, the job is half done. As an example, you could choose to wear an extra sweater to feel warmer and help to save energy spent on heating your home. Turn off the water tap when you are not using the water (while brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc.). Dry out your clothes on a clothes-line. Do not use a dryer.


These are only a few ideas. You can come up with your own inexpensive and innovative ideas to reduce air pollution and encourage sustainable living. It pays to spread these ideas in groups so that the balance can be achieved faster. More environment-related volunteering activities by large groups (personal, industrial and governmental levels) will surely help in the longer term.