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How Small Lifestyle Changes Can Protect The Endangered Species From Extinction

One may assume that to protect the endangered species of flora and fauna, they will have to devote long hours of labor at a forest reserve or NGO. However,

There are also much simpler ways of contributing to this noble cause which only involves making small changes to your lifestyle. So if you want to do your bit for protecting the wildlife that is currently facing extinction due to the negligence of human beings,

here are some of the ways in which you can do the same starting today.


1.Be Careful While Driving

If you live in an area that is also inhabited by wildlife then be a little cautious while driving so as to prevent any accidents involving wild animals. Since we have converted forest areas into developed townships, chances are that an animal may appear on the road and may die or get injured due to a speeding car. Be prepared for such sudden appearances of animals whenever you are on the road to protect these innocent creatures from any sort of physical harm.


2.Recycle, Upcycle, and Reuse

Try to avoid purchasing any items made out of materials that are extracted from the forests and other natural habitats. Try to reuse plastic and wood items as much as possible and opt for recycled paper whenever you can. Also, do not purchase items that contain palm oil because the habitats of tigers and orangutans are being destroyed to build palm plantations.


3.Say NO to Products Made by Exploiting Endangered Species

In the course of your travels, you may stumble upon souvenirs made out of ivory, coral, or tortoiseshell, which are extracted from the threatened species of wildlife. Do not purchase any such items and also discourage your fellow travelers from buying them. Also, the clothing and decorative items made out of animal fur lead to the death of innocent creatures and must not be purchased at any cost.


4.Protest against Wildlife Harassment

Not only should you never participate in the hunting or harassment of wild animals, you should also report the same if you notice someone indulging in these wrongful activities. Taking an endangered animal into captivity is also illegal because it may lead to the extinction of the species, so get in touch with the local forest authorities if you witness such malpractice in your area.


5.Protect the Natural Habitats

The best way to save the endangered species is to preserve their natural habitats which are often destroyed by activities such as logging, oil-drilling, and over-grazing. You can do your bit by spreading awareness regarding the ill-effects of these human activities and can also nurture the local crops and trees in your garden to provide some shelter to the local wildlife. Keep out water and food for the birds and small animals so that they do not starve due to the lack of resources.


By making these tiny efforts from your end, you can help save an entire species from vanishing from the face of the planet. So

Do not think that wildlife preservation is a task meant for the officials or trained professionals only and do your bit for these innocent species that are suffering at the hands of human exploitation and interference.