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Volunteer for Environmental Groups

The Ideal Place to Volunteer – Can we find it?

Hard work is painful when we are empty and without purpose. But when we start to live for something greater than ourselves and the gratification of our own ego, then hard work and discipline becomes the toil of love. Why do we need to glamorize our lives so much? Do we see it as a way to inflect immortality? Read More

Bird-man of Chennai Inspires Millions to Love God’s Every Creation

A stray dog follows you around sniffing for food-Do you stop by to give it some or just shoo it away? Probably the later! You see a roadside cow eating out of a community garbage bin. Do you stop by to inform about it to the local authorities & veterinary clinic or just blame the owner who couldn’t feed it well & move on? Read More

Be an Advocate for Nature – Take Care of Our Earth

Each day planet Earth is dying a slow death at the hands of human ignorance.  We are losing some wonderful species of animals and plants to the industrialization that destroys their homes. The pollution levels are reaching new peaks while the quality of the environment is degrading with every passing minute. It is our moral responsibility Read More