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How to Contribute to Sustainable Development Outside Your Home?

As we mentioned in the previous article in this series on sustainable development, making simple changes to your home can have a huge positive impact on the environment. Today, we will talk about how you can adopt sustainable practices outside your house that do not require much effort from your end but will make the planet a better home. Contrary to what you may think, working towards the sustainable development goals of the United Nations does not only comprise of participating in rallies and conferences. Here are some of the ways in which you can be a part of the movement while you go about your daily activities outside the house.


1.Shop Smartly

Opt for locally grown and manufactured products as much as possible and do not hesitate in buying oddly shaped fruits and vegetables that might be tossed out otherwise. Also, demand your local shops and restaurants to offer sustainable seafood and do not purchase more food than you need because it will end up getting wasted.


2.Pack Well Before You Step Out Of The House

Carry your own coffee cup and water bottle when heading out of the house because every plastic cup or bottle saved helps to improve the health of the environment. Also, bring your own cloth bag when you are planning to shop so as to minimize the use of plastic bags.


3.Use Transport Judiciously

If you can walk to a shop or your workplace then do that instead of driving and wasting precious fuel. If you do have to travel to a distant place then try to opt for public transport or car pools to reduce air pollution. If you own and use a car then maintain it well to keep its emissions to an absolute minimum.


4.Donate, Not Waste

There are many unfortunate souls in the world who will happily use items that you consider to be waste material.

Donate your gently used clothes, books, furniture, and other household items to an NGO in your neighborhood to give these objects a better home and to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.


5.Choose Your Leaders Wisely

Stay aware of the local and national political scene and exercise your right to vote to choose able leaders who plan to promote and support sustainable development. Attend their election campaigns and ask the right questions so that the leaders realize that even the common population is keen to convert the planet into a sustainable ecosystem.


If we all follow these simple tips then the sustainable development goals of the UN can be achieved in no time. Every individual needs to accept their responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants and should embark on a journey to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle that are crucial for sustainable development.

We have highlighted various things to do for sustainable development by which any citizen can accelerate our progression towards a sustainable society, be it from within their homes or while out in the open.

So adopt these basic tricks today and you will begin to see a difference in your neighborhood within weeks, which will soon spread to the rest of the world with our united efforts.

How to Make Your Home A Catalyst for Sustainable Development

In the previous article, we talked about some things to do for sustainable development that require negligible effort. Today, we will take this discussion further and will talk about a few ways in which you can transform your home into an eco-friendly zone that will support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Most of these sustainable development goals can be achieved if you try to preserve the natural resources in your daily activities. So here are a few ways in which your home can become a catalyst for sustainable development.


1.Freeze Your Food 

Be it freshly prepared meals or restaurant food, save any leftovers by freezing them for future use. Any food you waste could have fed a hungry person somewhere in the world, so consider it your responsibility to minimize food wastage.


2.Recycle and Reuse 

Recycle any paper or plastic waste to prevent the landfills from growing any further. You can use your food waste to create compost that will help replenish the soil with essential nutrients without the use of any harmful chemicals. You can also find many amazing upcycling ideas on the internet to create useful stuff from waste.


3.Reduce Your Energy Consumption 

Use thick rugs and carpets if you live in a cold area because this will keep the house warmer without the use of an electric heater. Also, if you use air-conditioning then plug any cracks in your doors or windows to optimize the performance of the appliances and prevent the wastage of energy. You can even replace old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models to reduce your energy consumption.


4.Wash And Clean More Efficiently 

Instead of opting for bathtubs that require a lot of water, take short showers to minimize your water consumption. Also, air dry your hair and clothes after washing to cut down on the use of electricity for the dryer. If you are using a dishwasher or a washing machine then make sure that you fill it up to full capacity to optimize each cycle.


5.Use Eco-Friendly Products 

If there is a baby in the house then use cloth diapers or eco-friendly diapers that can be disposed of easily as opposed to the diapers that do not decompose and leave behind toxic waste. Use cardboard matches instead of lighters that require petroleum and buy products that are minimally packaged to avoid generating large amounts of waste. Simply switching to eco-friendly products can minimize the load on the environment and can, therefore, prevent further degradation of various ecosystems.


These are some of the basic lifestyle changes and home improvement techniques that can contribute significantly towards sustainable development. You may have felt that leading a sustainable lifestyle can be a major transition but these simple tricks make it extremely easy. So look around your home to find culprits that could be leading to the wastage of energy or other precious resources and repair or replace them today to restore the former glory of the planet. Furthermore,

If you wish to take your sustainable development efforts outside your house as well then check out our next article for some tips on how to do the same.