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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Agriculture to Combat Food Crisis

If done in the right manner, agriculture has the power to produce nutritious food for the entire population generate incomes and protect the environment. That is to say, agriculture has a huge impact on the environment. It is also true the other way round: agriculture depends a lot on the environment as well. Sustainable agriculture is simply not only about what crops are harvested but also about how they are produced.

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3 Ideas for You to Go On a Volunteer Trip

When looking at the bigger picture, effecting change in a world like ours can seem daunting. However, the key is to start somewhere small. Volunteer trips are a fun way to spend your time and also work towards some social cause. There are many international volunteer opportunities, where people can travel Read More

World Tourism Day Volunteering Activities: The Road to Sustainable Tourism for Development

Travelling to different countries and new destinations is the best way to learn more about different cultures and geographies, and to comprehend and respect the diversity that exists on the planet. Tourism is one of the catalysts for world peace and helps in the economic and social development of countries Read More